Tuupovaara Art House

Shopkeeper Mikko Seppänen and his family moved to Tuupovaara in 1898. He erected the building for shopkeeping and living purposes between 1899 and 1900. The Seppänen family ran the shop, and post offices were also located in the building. Tuupovaara county purchased the property in 1948. The house has been under county management, functioning as a residence for the county doctor as well as in various office use, among other things. The building opened as an Art House in 2001. A firehouse is also operated on the premises of the property.

Art House displays an essential part of Annamaija Lankinen’s large art collection in addition to bark works. Textiles of the Art House are designed by handcraft entrepreneur Hannele Rusila from Tuupovaara. Colour scheme and cafeteria furniture can be accounted to interior architect Arja Nevalainen.

The house is open to public during exhibitions and events. During other times, the house functions as writers’ residence.


Main entranceResidence entrance

The layout of the Art House

Opening hours and residential address of Tuupovaara Art House

Address: Virastotie 26 A, Tuupovaara.


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